:: Files ::

Plastic Lever Arch Files
( 3 and 11/2 inch)
Marbled Cardboard Lever Arch Files
( 3 and 11/2 inch)
Ring Files
(2 ring, 4 ring, 4D ring)
Dura Clip Files
30 or 60 sheet
Panorama Files
Subject Dividers
PVC or Cardboard
Document Wallet Files
Numerical Separators
Congress Files
Slimview File
Punched Pockets A4 Size
or 22x30 cm
L Shape Folders
Clear or Coloured
PVC Document Wallet
with Stud Closure
Veloflex Punched Document
Wallet with Velcro Closure
A3 Lever Arch File Oblong
:: Tab Files/Display Books/Suspension Files ::
Tab Files
Display Books
10, 20, 30, 40. 60, 80, 100 Pouches (in semi rigid cover)
36, 50 pouches (in hard cover)
Suspension Files
(Euro, PendaFlex, Elfen, Elba)
:: Storage Boxes/Computer Files ::
Storage Boxes
Capacity for 6 Archive Boxes
Archive Boxes
Computer Files
9.5 or 14.5 inches
American Archive Box
with side slot handles
38x32x25cm for 4 Archive Boxes
:: Clip Boards/Filing Clips/Filing Washers::
Single or Double
Filing Clips/Twin Clips
Filing Wahsers
:: Box Files/Record Card Boxes/Business Card Holder ::
Box Files
Record Card Boxes
(5x3, 6x4, 8x5 inch)
Business Card Holders
:: Rotary Visiting Card Holder :: :: Deja Business Card Driver :: ::Visiting Card Album Refillable::  
:: Filing Spikes/Magazine Racks ::
Note Spike
Magazine Rack Collapsible
Magazine Racks
Magazine Rack Cardboard